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How big is a donum of land?

A third of an acre or 1,338m². Land measurements are generally calculated in donums, evleks and square feet. There are 4 evleks to the donum and 3,600 square feet to an Evlek – easy really.
How do we know when our payments are due and how do we make payments to the builder/vendor?
The builder will notify us in writing when a stage of construction has been reached and we will inform you together with details of how to transfer the funds over for passing onto the development company.
Will I need permission to live in Northern Cyprus, and if so how do I apply for this?
When you arrive on the island you are automatically given a 90 day tourist visa and if you intend staying beyond that date you must apply to the immigration office for a temporary residency permit. The process can last up to 3 months.
What are the costs involved, when purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus?

Solicitors fees: Including; drawing up of contract, Power of Attorney, purchase permit application and seeing the sale through to completion = £1000. Stamp duty: 6% of the valuation levied by the Land Registry Office and 1% of the stamp duty charge, paid to the local Council. You will have the option to be exempt from 3% of the 6% stamp duty on any one purchase. VAT is payable on some new build properties only.

On most new build properties there is a 15% V.A.T charge on them payable at time of transfer of title

Can I pay for the property from overseas?
Yes, this can be done as we hold a international bank a|c in the u.k.
The procedure for buying freehold is as follows:
  1.  Select property and agree price.

  2. Contract to be drawn up by a solicitor based in Northern Cyprus, to include price, timescale, payment terms and specification.

  3. Both vendor and purchaser to sign.

  4. Purchaser provides deposit (the amount will vary from 10%-25%) and a completion date is set.

  5. Solicitor applies to Council of Ministers on your behalf for purchase permit (this is your permission to buy in Northern Cyprus)

  6. Final balance payable ( new build properties will be in stage payments spread over the duration of the construction. In most cases a 15% K.D.V. (V.A.T.) will be levied on the property. )

  7. Once purchase permit has been received vendor transfers title into purchasers name.

  8. Purchaser pays 6% stamp duty and 1% of the stamp duty charge is paid to the local Authority/Belediye. (You may use the right to be exempt from 3% of the duty on one purchase)

  9. The title deed is transferred

  10. Sale complete.

The transfer of title may take 9-18 months to fully complete, this however will not affect you being able to take possession of your property
Freehold - Foreign Title
This is property owned by European residents, (eg. British, German, Dutch).
Freehold - Turkish Title
Turkish Cypriot owned pre- 1974
TRNC Title
Post 74 Turkish Cypriot Ownership (TRNC Title Deed): Given to Turkish Cypriots due to their lands left in South Cyprus (exchange of land / property) or (awarded land / property) to Turkish Cypriots by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (“TRNC”) Government. Based on the 1983 TRNC Constitution, all the deeds rectified and named as TRNC deeds are freely transferable to foreigners
Owned by the TRNC Government who will grant long-term leases of 49 years